Passion led us here. While the rest in the industry may not believe in disclosing what went into the making of their products, we strongly believe that you must always put good stuff inside you – and hence we will layout the good stuff for you in great detail! Each of our products have been made with love and care for you on one hand, by not compromising the health of our planet on the other.

We believe in ethics playing a pivotal role at each stage of our products’ lives – from their inception to their making. With you being a part of our family, we are more than happy to share with you that you are joining the larger cause of making this planet a better place to live in!

It cannot be good for you if it isn’t good for the planet!

We firmly believe that the world inside of you needs the kind of care that the world outside requires too! Free from chemicals, dyes and harsh additives, we at Peach believe that purity extends to every aspect of product making – from the thoughts to the things! When you buy Peach, you are not only making the best choice for you and the environment, but also for the workers who have sweat in churning the best cotton for you!

No surprises!

In a world of selective disclosures, we at Peach believe in a 100% –
commitment, drive and transparency to all the women out there, in
providing the best resources for a safe period. With organic cotton
free from chemicals, the only surprise you’ll be signing up for is the
one where your period will be hassle-free!

Fair and square

An organic product cannot stem from an inorganic environment or practice! While many conventional farms involve in practices that use child labor and expose workers to dangerous chemicals as a part of their ecosystem, our organic cotton is certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), which in turn protects workers’ rights thereby ensuring that unfair practices are nipped in the ‘bud’. We ensure that we are organic at every level!


Our tampons are have received The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) which is the worldwide leading standard for organic textiles. You can be rest assured that this certification brings to you the cotton that is ethically sourced and is made with zero chemicals, pesticides, and any unfair practices such as forced child and adult labour.

How is organic cotton different?
No GMOs or chemicals, pesticides or germicides in the seeds
Cotton is safely whitened with peroxide
Uses far less water
Maintains soil fertility