Is this your first time with tampons? Don’t worry. While we’d like to say they’re great, finding which one to pick might feel overwhelming at first. What kind, which brand and so on! Let’s figure this out together.

For starters Peach Tampons are FULLY organic. You can pick and choose just the right sizes that suit your flow. They not just have a rounded tip but also grip marks for super simple and comfortable insertion.

All Peach tampons come in three different sizes so that you are protected during your cycle – regardless of your flow! Typically, most cycles start off heavy and will taper off as the period comes to an end. Agree?

But how do you know what size is right for you? We’re here to help you with finding the right size and most importantly asking the right questions during this process.

What does size mean, for tampons?

Different size tampons correspond with different levels of menstrual flow. So a larger size tampon is good for a heavy flow day, while a smaller size tampon will work best on a light flow day. This precisely means that picking there right size is the deciding factor of your experience – going the good way or going south! Using too high of an absorbency can dry out your vagina, meaning you may ‘feel’ the tampon – which should never be the case. It may even be uncomfortable to remove your tampon if it’s too high of an absorbency.

So, it’s super important to make friends with your tampon – meaning, know your tampons. Peach tampons have an absorbency for every flow: Mini, Regular and Super. Peach Mini tampons are the best for your lightest flow days and Super are just super for your heaviest days. When you order a Peach tampon box, you’ll always have the instruction guide in it – so you can always have make the comparisons for reference.

What tampon size is best for the first time?

If you are using a tampon for the first time, use the lowest absorbency – i.e. Peach Mini, for starters. Because, they are light, absorbent, easy to fit in and the safest to start with.

How To Know If I Should Use A Less Or More Absorbent Tampon?

There are two main ways to tell when you need to use a different absorbency. We hope the below helps:

– Make sure you use a lower absorbency tampon if there is still a lot of white on your tampon when you remove it after 4 to 8 hours.

– But if you bleed through the tampon string or onto to your panties, you must switch to use a higher absorbency tampon.

As you get to know your flow, you’ll be able to predict whether you’ll have a heavy or light flow day depending on what day of your period you’re on. For instance, many experience a light flow day on their first day and their second day is the heaviest. Others have a heavy flow right from the first day, which then tapers off as their period progresses. There’s no right or wrong, there’s just being yourself, knowing yourself – and knowing what’s the best for you!

Pro tip: Keep different sizes of tampons handy, because then – according to you, you can go with the flow!

No matter which absorbency you’re using, never wear a tampon for more than 8 hours in order to avoid TSS risk. Read more about TSS here.

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