Menstrual Care As Natural As Your Periods

The Cause

It’s strange that one of the most natural processes of womanhood is treated so, well… unnaturally. We are here to be the champions of natural, chemical-free and organic menstrual care, which means none of that plastic, toxic dyes and harmful materials that take centuries to decompose.
We believe the best way to be gentle on our bodies is to use the gifts provided by nature, that’s why all our products are ethically sourced and contain only naturally occurring ingredients.

We believe that the only way to create lasting change is to have honest, open dialogue about health, hygiene and proper menstrual care. We are here to bust myths and challenge taboos and do it all safely and sustainably.

Our Story

Our founder, Dhruv K Talera, was forced to confront the dreadful reality of menstrual products when he saw what was available to his mother. The shelved chemical-rich products were clearly harmful and it didn’t look like she had a lot of options. With everything we buy, eat and wear being so carefully chosen, we somehow had settled with our menstrual products?

Dhruv wasn’t okay with this, and thus Peach was born to create a world which is safe, beautiful and natural, just like our periods!
A community, a lifestyle, a perseverance that changes the perception of menstrual care one sustainable and safe product at a time. 

Our mission

We believe you shouldn’t have to make a choice between your well being and the planet’s. We aspire to make the sustainable periods a lifestyle choice that’s pleasant and comfortable. We are all connected by our cycles, and together want to form a community driven to leave the world better off than when we found it.


Completely biodegradable and eco-friendly so you can love yourself and save the world at the same time! 


We use 100 % organic cotton and only pure, natural ingredients in all our products.


Free from pesticides, chemicals and harmful dyes. All our products are gentle on you and the planet.