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Cramp Relief Cream 149.00

Biodegradable Pantyliners


Worried about white discharges? Peach Pantyliners have come to your rescue! With the top sheet made of bamboo fibers Peach Pantyliners are antibacterial, and also allergy free as the mix of pure corn and bamboo fibres are here to save you from those itchy rashes! With seven layers of enhanced absorbency, Peach Panty Liners will make your day to day breathable, dry and skin-loving.

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How to use:

  • Unwrap the Pantyliner and remove the strip to expose the adhesive side
  • Use the adhesive side on the bottom, to place the panty liner on your panty
  • Place it vertically on the portion of your panty which exactly covers yours vagina
  • To remove, just pull away the panty liner using one edge of it
  • Wrap it in a biodegradable bag or paper and dispose it safely
  • Do not flush it down the toilet


  • Make sure you change your pantyliner once in every five hours
  • You can wear a pantyliner either before or after your period but not during your period as they are not meant for heavy soaking. However you can also use them during your last days of your cycle, when you are just spotting

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